2175. The Land of Broken Dreams

I’m terrified by college and I teach at one. I’m terrified by the responsibility I have to both inform students of what they are capable of and simultaneously make it clear to them what their limitations presently are. You see, so many incoming students enter college full of life but devoid of purpose and so many of those same students leave broken and uncertain about what possibilities await for them in the coming future.

This is something that is done intentionally by colleges across the globe. There is no malice intend in the act. What we do is expose students to reality, to hard work, and to experiences that are not necessarily designed neatly or with a clear answer at the end. This is new for them and generally difficult. It is so difficult in fact that almost 40% of students who start at any college don’t finish in six years.

Everyone wants to have that easy good life but few are interested in working as hard as they can in order to get there. So college is that point where they discover what it takes to get the life they desire and often decide not to have that life at all.