Driven to write by a deep desire to entertain people, Malik published his first work of fiction in the 90‘s for the Shadowrun role playing game. Since then he has spread his wings, publishing a variety of short stories and gaming guides, mostly in the role playing and sci-fi genres. In 2007 Malik was nominated for an Ennie award for his work on the Etherpunk book for Goodman Games’ Etherscope line. More Ennie and even Origin Award nominations followed.

Presently Malik is working on a series of literary short stories along with a fantasy novel. Currently he is reading the works of Poalo Bacigalupi, Tom Rob Smith, and Les Edgerton.

Professionally, Malik teaches Creative Writing, English Composition, English  Literature, and Sociology at Chandler Gilbert Community College in Chandler, Arizona. Malik resides hours away from that institution of higher learning in foreclosure-ravaged Maricopa, Arizona with his wife, 3 kids, cat, dog, and a collection of eco-friendly bicycles, which are quietly rusting beside a white picket fence. When time permits, he can be found online behind the wheels of a Mariokart speeding past some n00b, getting sniped in Call of Duty, or nursing his ego with the ultimate Madden franchise, the Manhattan Siege.

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  • February 7, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Hey Malik, I got into my old email to send you the message here. I don’t have Facebook but I can figure something out if you want to chat sometime. LD- Eugene, OR

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