The number one reason people don’t work out is not time. It is patience–and by patience I mean dedication. The two words are as intertwined as strands of DNA. Without the patience, without the dedication, one cannot achieve the goal. My goals swirl round the concept of personal happiness. The two areas of that I believe require only me to succeed are Writing and Physical health. These are areas of Wellness which create for me the backdrop of my life. I’m thin on words tonight save those precious few above and a handful I will try to get out below.   Some Thoughts: Yesterday everythingRead More →

I wanted to steal a moment before things spiral out of control. I am operating on less than three hours of sleep and less than six cups of coffee. We started the day with a 6 AM football practice and followed up by having a friend over. Later–not too much later from now–we expect to hit the dollar theatre to watch the final Fast and Furious movie. Afterwards I race back to the house to drop the kids off for a sleepover and head back out and across town to pick up my lady and then further out of town towards a concert. Yeah, itRead More →

I’ll only get about three hours of rack time tonight and that is largely (read: entirely) my fault. I could’ve slipped in between the sheets hours ago, but Minecraft called. I’ve been working through a build that is, obviously, meaningless but it is also something I want to make happen. Creativity needs an outlet, you know. You might be asking yourself at this point, ‘why aren’t you writing instead?’ Because I feel like I need to see some results right away-ish. I’m anxiously awaiting a small pile of paychecks from past writing work. I got a check for the award nominated piece, but the rest…Read More →

I wanted to start this blog 20 minutes ago, but I got distracted by a video game and here we are. Add that to the sludge of lag that plagues everything my aging macbook tries to accomplish and therein lies the beginnings of a pattern. Yeah, I’m not in writing shape. As I hinted at yesterday, there is a correlation between physical and mental acuity. I believe one cannot have one without spending some effort on the other. I believe this as a victim believes things they’ve seen happen to them. I believe this is precisely what ails me. Now blogging helps. It serves asRead More →

Another night, another Bourbon. I went out and bought glasses this time. Considered it an earlier Father’s Day gift. Tomorrow I’ll take a pull from the MacCellan, 12 year and that will be another gift. Yes, I know that is Scotch. No, I don’t know the fineries between Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon. My brain, being what it is, will encourage me to learn. It encouraged me to write, and to write well enough to be considered for an Origin Award. I lost, but the nomination was nice. I am not, however, on the lengthy list of nominees for Ennies. My old partners over at PosthumanRead More →

I’m not much of a drinker. This is evident, as I sit here with my Bulleit Bourbon that isn’t even in a whiskey glass and doesn’t use the proper ice. I own neither. I am quite new to the drinking world and I must say I do it as much for taste as for how it makes me feel–emotionally. There is something psychologically fulfilling about holding a fine drink–be it wine or harder stuff. I recognize that it has more to do with the culture of drinking and connecting to that history that follows really good alcohol than it has anything to do with aRead More →

Earlier my dog snuck downstairs to have a pee. One the carpet. It wasn’t as if he had to go. He’d been out before that doing his business and hadn’t struck out towards the water in hours. No, this was malicious intent. This was calculated vengeance for a bath or some other perceived slight. This was a classic case of an old dog up to his new(er) tricks. I considered all the possible repercussions for such behavior and found myself caught in the old trap: What do you do to a dog who so blatantly wants to screw with your lifestyle as, apparently, a vengefulRead More →

A great sit down with my writers group tonight reminded me of one really important fact: Happiness is paramount. Often I do things in order to make those around me happy and, in the process, sacrifice a slice of my own happiness. I tend to rely on the joy of making others happy as of late without paying any true attention to the basic joys I require. It is often the little things. I want to stick my feet in the ocean. I want to drink a cup of coffee in peace. I want to enjoy a moment of quiet, or listen to an audiobookRead More →

The Warriors are the NBA champs, and that has everything to do with hunger. The Warriors lost last year and they knew it ruined their place in history. Still, that didn’t even make them hungry enough. In fact, I believe the Cavs would have won the series if not for the actions of one very hungry player: Kevin Durant. The man I called the slim assassin (who is actually the Slim Reaper) is among the best in the game and he┬áhad never won a title. He’d been to the mountaintop but he came back down ringless. Now this latest matchup gave him all the talentRead More →

I continue to tackle this idea of impermanence and this related concept of living in the now. I am not very good at it though. I get bogged down in things and get lost in the oft awful fantasy of ‘what if?’ The reason I write all this is to reflect on the idea that happiness is not a straight line. It is a series of moments, a wave that crashes over you again and again… or not at all. Perhaps that serves as an exaggeration. Everyone finds happiness. I used to find it more than others, but nowadays I’m about average. That right thereRead More →