2.189. The YouTuber Blog

Logan Paul filmed a suicide victim in a Japanese forest and then laughed about it. This is the guy my kids watch(ed) every day. This is the youtube stuff I’d decided wasn’t that bad after all. I was so wrong.

That Logan Paul is an asshole isn’t news of surprising in any way. The extent of his assholery is somewhat surprising, but to further his glory on the eyes and minds of my children is practically criminal. In other words, that asshole doesn’t get airtime.

This isn’t an outright ban. I talked to the boys and explained that he and his equally idiotic younger brother represent the worst version of us and should no be promoted to stardom and idolotry. I used slightly smaller language, but the point was immediately clear. When they watched this evening the watched a better caliber of internet ‘hero’ and while that isn’t enough, it is a start.

The internet is a powerful tool that can shape our understanding of the world we live in and in a sense even form it.

Some Thoughts:

  1. The 100 is a wonderful idea ruined by a need to cater to a CW audience. The cast and oversexualization of the plotline prove this.
  2. B7. It keeps popping up. It matters. Always has.