2.219. Dow 666 and Other Missed Opportunities

I have a theory: most of the ‘end of days’ stuff is perpetuated by what is essentially the republican propaganda machine. This isn’t even me saying republicans are bad or evil or that people who affiliate themselves with that party even represent the party itself. In truth the loudest voices from that ‘side of the aisle’ are the ones who represent the smallest and most ferocious segment of their warped and oft fanatical base. This is why when Obama was president it was seen by all of them as a sign of the end of times. However, the day the dow fell 666 points by close of day, nobody even drew a biblical connection.

The connection is clear.

I realized that even more when I heard the president was planning a ‘chinese style’ military parade in DC. Trevor Noah, your boy finally went full African Dictator. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to separate this reality from a really bad fan fiction version of reality.

I feel powerless to do anything about any of this.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Missed Night #2 of the 30 minute rule. I’m bone tired and recognizing that Tuesday is the toughest day of my week. I need better planning throughout the week to ease some of the pressure from this day.