2.223. Dreams and Reality

Nothing worth having is easy, right? I’ve come to use the line as a mantra to keep the patience and to keep my head down, trying to work towards happiness. It has taken me a long time to recognize that my personal quest for happiness is a form of selfishness, and that compromise is the purest form of love.

So, what now? What does it all mean?

I have to recognize that I’ve been given a great many options and opportunities in life and I have, above all else, a responsibility to cultivate the abilities and opportunities I’ve been given and to make the best life available to me. I don’t know all the answers or how things turn out. I know it won’t be exactly as I want or dreamed, and it isn’t going to make everyone happy. Still, I’m going to be the best version of myself and do what I am capable of doing in every aspect of my life.