2.225. Reflections on a Monday Night

On the night my ASU novel writing class ends, I find myself reflective. I have been writing and teaching writing for a very long time. I think what makes me good at it (I’m admitting that I don’t entirely suck) is my passion for it. This is where I feel the type of class I teach makes the difference. I am so passionate for creative writing classes that it makes my passion for essay writing feel like a flicker in the darkness. I’m sure the kids who experience both classes can see that flame dim. I do nothing but smile in CRW classes, like I am getting away with something. I have to pinch myself sometimes, thinking ‘I am getting paid for this!’

I am getting paid to write in a number of different forums and that is just fantastic. I’m not big league. I’m not getting speaking gigs at schools for $750 a night, but I feel like I am reaching people and I am helping them tell their stories and that feels right. I know I need to recognize that the business side matters and I need to find a way to make the money in the way that makes my heart sing.