2.281. On Minecraft, VR, and the Dangerous Future of Gaming

I love gaming. I love games that give me the opportunity to build in an interactive world where the only limits placed upon me are my own abilities to acquire materials and, ultimately, to think of something to create. Still, a drawback of the platform is the very basic nature of the AI that I deal with. These AI respond to danger and to finance. I can scare them or trade with them. They don’t exist beyond that limitation. We will hit next gen when in-game characters have their own agenda. Add this to the ever improving graphics capability of consoles and other platforms and we are looking at immersive gaming that will eventually rival real life activity.

In some ways it already does, and that is what makes things dangerous. We are already peeled so far back from reality as to live in our own silo’d versions of truth that allowing for full rig immersion would serve only to reshape the social landscape further–leading us deeper into the silos and pushing for more tribalism and division.

Beyond the rise of thought tribes comes the very real fear that we will stop pursuing an advancement of the beauty and well being of the planet, becomes it becomes less critical than the game. Unfortunately we have largely lost our ability to think ten steps ahead. Two is about all we can muster anymore. If those two steps are what is my next digital fix and how can I improve my tech, then the issues of the environment never get served.


Some Thoughts:

  1. I’ve established ‘bare minimum’ as blogging. I won’t ever do less than that in a day. This is obvious by action, but it is also important to articulate and reflect on.