2.284. Some Thoughts

I have nothing but thoughts.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Trevor Noah doesn’t read the books. Once upon a Daily Show, Mr. Stewart read the books in advance and often brought in people he wanted to give a platform because what they had to say was profound. Noah seems more mainstream in his guests, with the obvious desire to get more black guests out there to say their piece. Still, you gotta read the book.
  2. I find the growing referential nature of our culture extremely upsetting. All we seem to do is take something that already exists (either in entertainment, business, even sports) and then riff on that in a fairly ridiculous and repetitive way. Rap, for example, is largely void of new sounds. Every song sounds like a continuation of the last one–yet another wack verse.
  3. Done with another season of school sports. It is fun to watch the boys grow and learn and compete. This is the last year that any two will be in the same school for a few years.
  4. Snapchat represents how kids are going to communicate in the future. Like Facebook it is a social media platform that originally was about the youth. As the non-youth start using it, the kids will find something new. Kids will always find the new and the trendy and the private. Adults will always try to monetize it.
  5. I find it very interesting that any public star (athletes, models, etc.) is almost expected to start a fund/foundation and or find some way to give back to the community. The hyper rich of the business community have no such expectations.