2.215. Let’s see what happens…

Embarking on a new plan: 30 day rule. I’m working towards being the best version of me and put my heart into the things I love most at the sacrifice of a lot of things that are peripheral yet hold value. That part is important. I realize that I have only so much time in a day and I must devote the time I have to these things that matter the most. I must find a path towards abandoning lazy and rediscovering focus, dedication, and pride.

The pride piece is especially important.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Struggling with neck pain. I picked up a cervical pillow some time ago and now it feels like the pillow has done more harm than good. My neck is a mess and the numbness I feel at certain angles is enough to shutdown half my upper body.
  2. Black Panther is going to be the shit.
  3. There is something very wrong with Rose McGowan. I don’t quite know what it is, but it feels serious. She’s… off.
  4. The Daily Show pointed out that nearly every black leading actor has died on screen. The notable exception was LL Cool J. I was wondering if that trusim applied to all races. In fact Tom Cruise stands out as undying (no, you really cannot count Edge of Tomorrow, because heĀ kept coming back. If anyone knows of one, hit me up.
  5. Being madly in love changes a person. It makes you stronger than you thought you could be.