2.216. Back Day

I was in the kids’ room fixing a computer when I twisted to crack my back. It didn’t crack, it flared. A bright pain overcame me and when I tried to sit up, I could not. The pain kept me on my knees most of the day. I am fortunate to have a partner who is there for me so completely that she abandoned her own day to ensure that I was okay and my kids were handled. That is not only partnership but real, deep, and lasting love. I am eternally grateful for having that in my life. It helped to dim the fact that I am getting old. I am getting old enough for my back to go out every year around this time. I recognize the weather and health conditions that create that scenario, but it doesn’t change the reality. That part is my responsibility.

I started writing the novel–30 minutes a day. It is only two days past, but this is a habit I know I can form and exercising for 10 minutes is another. It might not be enough, but it is a start.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Though I feel extremely judgemental for saying so, I find the Phoenix Open really stupid. Not the golf–the golf is cool, but the entire thing is a full day drinking fest. Folks have been walking in, beer in hand, since 7AM. They are expected to continue watching, partying (in nearby party tents), and drinking until late into the night. In other words, it is a college party for grown ups. Why is that stupid? Because it is an excuse. You want a party, have a party. Don’t mask it i the trappings of the PGA. Don’t make it why AZ is special.

2.216. The Nitpicky Way the so-called Deep State was Rebranded

Let me start by stating there is no evidence of a liberal deep state. On the surface of the thing, the republican collective (who is in such a lock step as to rival the Chinese parade military or, well, the Mormon faithful) wants you to believe the FBI is against President Trump. This is in spite of the known fact that then FBI director James Comey released an October 28th report about Hillary Clinton–that is JUST prior to the election–that likely cost her multiple states. In other words, the same FBI team that caused Clinton to lose was somehow colluding with Clinton so she would win.

Wait, what?

None of this makes sense. Still, there is an effort to point towards a so-called ‘Deep State’ that is entirely bent on destroying Trump. It is important to note that this Deep State was widely panned as being republican driven prior to the events of the last few months. So, we have an FBI director who skewers Clinton, a Deep State that is largely pro-republican in its ideology, and now both of these groups have been labeled as part of an overarching plan to distract and discredit the Mueller investigation. Cherry on top: Obama is being blamed for all of it. He always is, you know.

That brings us to the memo. The best the memo does is remind us that the Steele Dossier was part of the evidence in one of the cases. It goes on to claim that no mention was made, in how they used the Dossier, of who paid for the dossier and what political party those people belonged to. It does not dispute the accuracy of the findings of said dossier. In fact, some claims have been openly confirmed. The memo instead attempts to poison the well about who bought it. That, my readers, cuts both ways. We are to believe that Fox News is fair and balanced despite being owned by anti-democratic demagogues but believe that a research doc paid for by democrats is entirely partisan and has no factual basis because of such.

If we are smart as citizens we will stop listening. We will avoid this nonsense and allow the investigation to proceed in the absolute silence and politics-free way it has. Remember, nobody from the Mueller team or the investigator himself has said a thing about the case. Things have been said about them. Old texts have been brought up and torn out of context and, when Mueller was aware such things were happening, he removed those individuals for the sake of preserving the authenticity of the case.

We cannot play politics the way this Memo surely does. We must be patient and vigilant.