2.286. Reflections on a Saturday Night

Good day today. Real good.

I had an opportunity to get a close up look at what my daily life could be in a few years. I liked what I saw. A lot. I’m pleased to be constantly reminded that this is not as good as it gets. I am likewise pleased to be reminded that my kids are developing into men and I get a front seat to all of it.

At some point last night I closed my eyes to sleep and found the familiar void waiting for me there in the darkness. I was terrified for a brief moment of the idea of death. Then, I breathed. I listened to my meditations and thought, yes, this too shall pass. This life shall pass. However, this moment also will pass and I should live in that moment and be completely in the moments of my life. There are so many good moments. There are several bad to balance my scale, but overall that scale tips towards joy. Today’s glimpse was yet another reminder of that.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Just read through a really stupid list ranking the last 51 #1 NFL draft picks. Really stupid. I say this because it feels like these guys have both lost touch with reality and, in absence of common sense, fallen to open contradiction and needling. For example, Myles Garrett is listed at 50 despite being one of the best DE’s in the game right now. Meanwhile Courtney Brown, who in his career had 10 more sacks than Garrett has in the 11 games he played is ranked at 25. The rationale? Garrett isn’t a QB, so… This speaks to the nonsense that is speculation. I’m done with it.