2.287. Reflections on a Sunday Night

I am still quite disappointed in the NFL. There are layers to my displeasure, but right now I am really focused on the draft and how pundits and experts have helped the NFL turn it into a massive spectacle. Yesterday I kvetch’d about how the NFL listed the top 51 number one picks in order and that order greatly upset me (what the kids these days are calling ‘being triggered’). I was pissed at how much they take for granted that the draft is really about a team making a big splashy announcement that they can speculate on leading right up to it and complain or continue to speculate on leading away from it. This represents the most basic abuse of the fourth estate. Let’s not forget that the NFLĀ owns the NFL network, so the establishment is controlling the check(book) and the balance.

The more I listen to these dudes (and it is almost entirely dudes responsible for these predictions) fill air time, the more I am convinced thatĀ they are trying to convince teams to make these crazy picks in order to make a splash and prove that they know what they are talking about. Only thing is this: there is no penalty for the media if they get it wrong on the draft. We keep listening. What makes this year different is that two teams that matter to me are drafting very early and are in danger of listening to some really bad advice. Don’t waste the pick, NY. Don’t waste the chance for something and someone amazing.

No, it isn’t a QB.