2.274. If I could just…

Days like today I am awed by the beauty of the outdoors. To be in a wide, clean, and open space feels like a gift. I’m grateful for the opportunity and the love that makes moments like these possible. I’ve started to really consider what matters. I feel at once like the guy in the trailer home with the Lamborghini under tarps outside and the man with a thousand toys and a thousand debts and only the barest hint of a smile. It is, after all, about what makes you happy. For me that is people I love, a space to feel safe and happy, and beyond that the ability to feel happy and create.

When I think about the layers of fat gilted around my waist it is easy to compare them to the years of lazy that whittled away the drive towards that comfortable life. I get glimpses of it, in moments, and feel like it lives on the other side of a mirror that I can only see from certain angles and certain moments.

When I catch that blissful glimpse I lock on to it and think, if only I could ignite and get there. I think, If only I could extend myself into that next gear. I believe so many things in my life are aligned right now in the same swirl of problem + solution; a Fibonacci sequence of affairs radiating outwards towards eventually calm and success.

If I could just start.