2.280. Easy like Sunday Evening

Somewhere in the depths of my brain a chime went off, alerting me to the positive impacts of actually working out. Two days in the gym in three days. The space between the visits parsed by a slight amount of physical activity with a yearning for much more. With any luck I’ll spend the next few years of my life building up to a decent reserve of physical stamina and be able to handle whatever the world throws my way.

This does not include zombies. I am not prepared for zombies.

I am prepared for manufacturing, modifying, and sticking to routines that lead to the overall betterment of myself. I am prepared for trying to live long enough to see my kids have kids and to hold those kids and tell them about all the wonderful stories I’ve written. Maybe they’ll sit and listen to me spin new tales of fancy and fiction. Maybe they’ll listen to me tell them about my life and they tell me about theirs. Above all I want to hold hands with the woman I love and sit in a hot tub near the beach when I am 80 years old like in some commercial (like the ones advertising erectile dysfunction… isn’t it sad how that is what we associate with men getting old. That and, “get off my lawn’) .All in all, I want to be around for a great many things, and I intend to put myself in the best position to do so.

Some Thoughts:

  1. I should’ve been working out all along. I’m going to make sure the kids keep staying in fantastic shape.
  2. I’m really wanting to get a neighborhood game of capture the flag going. I am excited to see my own kid play in the coming weeks.