2.277. Maintenance

The more I consider what has me run down and often behind these days (most days?), the more I am forced to look at the times when I am at my best. The difference often isn’t how much I play or how much work I have scheduled to handle. Instead the difference often falls to maintenance.

It is really that simple.

When I handle my business on a daily basis; when I pause to reflect and make sure stuff is getting taken care of, I do well. When I don’t, I don’t. More often than not as of late I have not done well, because I have not taken care of what I need to and handled the daily chores and responsibilities of life. Instead I’ve allowed little things to pile like dust in a corner (or clean laundry at the foot of the bed) and build until they become a problem–several problems–that weigh me down completely.

I have also failed to enlist my kids to do their part. They’ve gotten off pretty easy–especially when it comes to the stuff I had to do as a kid–dishes, laundry, etc. It is once in a blue moon that a kid vacuums and I’m not entirely sure thatĀ any of them could pick a broom out of a lineup. This too is going to have to change if I intend to keep on track with the writing and improving and life transforming. Everyone needs to pitch in and pull weight. Those who don’t run the risk of making my life harder than it ought to naturally be, and I cannot afford that.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Had the opportunity to see Post Modern Jukebox again (thank you, my heart). I remain impressed at how talented these performers are and how they manipulate pop music to resemble the old standards. Equally impressive is the fact that they’ve done all of this touring and production of music without a labelĀ ever being involved. Dope.
  2. Getting excited about the coming summer and the opportunities this affords. I intend to get a ton of me time in and use that me time to do me, and by me I mean write my ass off.
  3. The desert landscape is beautiful this time of year–especially at night. As I write under a canopy of stars I am reminded why I still live here.