2.150. Learning Curve

I had a great moment this morning when I realized that I am not done learning, unraveling things, and improving. In many ways I am starting fresh, because I am no longer allowing myself to be tethered to routine or expectation. I think that for a long time I was bound by what I thought I could do and what would not create a burden our boundary to the people in my life. I realize now that the people in my life want me to be happy and are themselves not bound by any unspoken expectations of sameness and are open to pursuing any happiness they can achieve. Why aren’t I doing the same? So then, what makes me happy? Learning and experiencing new things. Getting better at the things I come to enjoy. Making others happy. Exposing others to experiences.

I am only looking at that first piece right now. There was a time where I wanted to learn new languages. There was a time, not long after, where (I often refer to time as where vs. when because I see time as a place in the way I see moments as a place where we can only return in our thoughts) I decided I could not learn languages, because I wasn’t good at it. Then I let the world move on. See, the world doesn’t move on all by itself. We release it. We release the things that make the world and our reality what it is. We allow things to be one way, though we wish they were the other way. We learn to surrender and find the new vs. learning how to stay in the moment and grow into something special.

This is a ramble at this point.


Some Thoughts:

  1. Stranger Things is purposefully derivative and pays homage to so many shows and stars of the past. It is a work of art on many levels.