2.153. #metoo

The problem with a movement growing too big is that it allows unscrupulous or even disturbed people to slip in without being detected. I am worried that this is taking place with the #metoo movement. More and more this moment is being hijacked by political forces who are looking to quickly remove people they see as opponents and as vulnerable. What makes matters worse is that they are doing so through disreputable news sources like Fox News, which absolutely casts these women’s stories into doubt. Recently Fox posted a picture of a woman taking a photo op with Al Franken. He can clearly be seen with his hand on her side. She however claims that his had was cupping her boob and she was shocked and terrified. I saw the picture. It was not what she said at all. In other words, she is someone who is quite possibly seeking attention and allowing herself to be used by political forces to take down an opponent.

#metoo matters. While it is not at all a response to the ridiculousness of our American President, it is bolstered by a heightened awareness of the subject thanks largely in part to his behavior. Of course, he won’t be touched by this because we herald the office far more than the man, and that is a shame.


Some Thoughts:

  1. More and more commercials are featuring white men with black women. Looks like it is finally becoming acceptable.