I reached that moment in my life where I am truly tired of the madness. I am entirely tired of being single. I am tired of the routine of daily life. I’m tired of getting old and slowing down and losing that physical confidence I used to have. Honestly, I am just flat out tired.

I need to turn that corner. Call it mid-life, rebirth, change of stream, whatever you will. The time is now to change the things in my life that are not working and double down on what I want to keep as a core part of my relationship with the universe.

It is long past time, if I’m being honest.


Some Thoughts:

  1. Amazon is offering 2 week early pre-screenings of Jumanji to its prime members. This is a new and interesting development in the wonderful world of marketing. Well played, Amazon. Lets see how it goes.
  2. I need new books and TV shows. I need stuff that is so far removed from my wheelhouse and yet solid that my horizons are instantly broadened.