2.246. Reflections on a Monday Night

I found myself with a few hours to myself and the first thing I did was dive into Minecraft. I was long overdue for a minecraft meditation. The meditations are brief periods during which I listen to a Dharma talk while affecting some zen crafting. There are a number of things that can make my life better, and continued moments of peace are one of them. This thing I do–this separating from reality to craft something–is really effective in a way that writing can no longer be. I’m writing as part of a writing career. I’m crafting for beauty and joy. There is no profit or even deeper meaning in what I do in the digital world. It is pure escapism and joy. It sits atop a painfully short list of things I do purely for myself.

I’m not sure this blog is even on the list.

I might do the blog at least partly out of a need to write every single day. Even if the writing is not that good.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Oscars were really solid yesterday–especially given that I got to spend it with family. That makes it all the better.
  2. The show is a reminder that I need to watch better stuff. I also need to get back to watching foreign stuff.