2.250. Break Blog

I’m trying to catch my breath. We are halfway through the spring semester, on the verge of a daylight savings shift, and falling right into spring break. All of this comes at a time when I really need to sit, assess, and get my plans in order. There is a lot happening all around me. I am enjoying some solid writing opportunities and a good amount of writing energy to go with it. I am excited and looking forward to putting out stuff really soon. Meanwhile I am watching my boys blossom in their own ways and recognizing that as they grow, we grow together,

But first I need to get organized.

The key to being successful (for me at least) is understanding what ultimately needs to get done and breaking that down into manageable pieces while keeping site of the larger goal. Yeah, it sounds like a load of corpspeak, but some of that stuff actually makes sense when you peel back the onion-like layers of BS. The fact is, scaling and planning a semester is a lot like planning and structuring a novel. I teach one and tend to suck at the order. It is up to you, dear reader, to figure out which is which.

Presently I am trying to lean into the idea of upping my finances with writing opportunities while getting better at being a writing teacher and better at being a writer. All of these things are possible with effort and, well, desire. I’ve rediscovered a smidge of that desire and even more of that understanding that I can do this, which is like taking that first slow step into the ocean that you will eventually swim.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Blog has to get brighter–not just for me but… okay, yeah. Just for me.
  2. Not sure how I feel about the recent sports trades or sports at all. I am of the mindset that I have zero interest in buying the new Madden or any new game at present. I’m not really done with being a gamer, but I can’t think of new games I want to own right now. Maybe that means it is time for me to create one?
  3. About to listen to Ready Player One again. It was quite good the first go.