2.251. On the Importance of Words and Worlds

Writing is only important if you decide that it is. You also decide¬†how important it is. I find writing to be excruciatingly important… in my mind… though I often overlook it in practice. I continue to put other things in front of the words, which is why the words are not nearly as prolific and I am not nearly as well read (both my reading and people reading me) as I expected to be at this point. Likewise, I always felt like I could develop worlds on a near weekly basis and enjoy that kind of work. It never came to pass.

So, where are we now? I am in a headspace where I recognize that I will never be the writer I was, but I believe the writer I will become is going to be awesome. The writer I am is not half bad himself… It comes down to accepting how important I make things and thus how important you make things in general. Our lives are built on the importance we allot to particular things. Finding out what matters and how much is key.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Have players always become coaches at this breakneck speed? Every team I turn to has a former pro leading the charge. From Bobby Hurley to Kevin Ollie the coach experiment continues. I am fully aware the trend has been going for some time, but it is especially notable as of late.
  2. American Idol is back looking for that next fresh-faced Carrie Underwood story. Here is what ruined AI: The fans. At some point the fans decided what story they wanted to win vs. what singer they really wanted to see become a pop icon–an American Idol. They gotta backpedal and get it right. Something tells me they haven’t entirely figured that out yet.