2.252. Some Thoughts

In a sense I am trying to empty out my brain pan. I have a massive number of thoughts surging through my mind and feel a sense of relief when I can cast them out. So here I say, “Out damn thought!” or something to that effect, which is far less dramatic. Now unto the things inside my head:

Some Thoughts:

  1. Watched the remake of Red Dawn last night. It was terrible. Like really poorly ended. They killed the protagonist at the end of his story arc for absolutely no reason as it advanced neither the plot nor the arc of any remaining character. Basically it threw a pall on the ending for no damn reason. Beyond that, the action was mediocre in styling and the film paled in general to its predecessor. If you want to remake something then the remake ought to not suck. Lately, they do. They really do.
  2. My kids are painfully obsessed with Fortnite. That would be the end of the conversation if the game wasn’t becoming so vastly popular–minecraft popular. This will only stimulate further merging of the build & shoot genre that will eventually expand to include the VR world. Once we get games like this on VR, its simply going to be how things are.
  3. How things are for me right now is… good. I’m happy and building towards life feeling better and better and making better decisions. I should knock on wood for saying this out loud, because I know the universe has a knack for kicking me in the teeth.