2.185. Reflections on a New Year’s Eve

New Year is one of the few social constructs I no longer hold to be false. The movement of the earth and change of the seasons is something that can’t be faked or minimized. Making resolutions for a specific day is junk, but looking at the coming spring as a time of rebirth and learning to cycle into that makes all the sense in the world. Change doesn’t happen all at once. While the activation energy of such a thing is a sudden push, the change itself is often the gradual whir of an engine winding up to top speed.

don’t get caught up in the 10, 9, 8 of it all. The truth and magic lives in deciding to change and developing the habits to institute that change. I am changing and evolving. I am learning to be a better man.

Some Thoughts:

  1. The VC grind game for NBA2K18 is a hustle to the max. Basically, the game exists to get players to create their own characters and max out the ratings of those characters. This is done via playing in the career settings and basically going through the entire game. However, it simply cannot be done quickly, easily, or without spending extra money on the game. I’m looking at this situation as a personal challenge. I feel like I can figure out a way around this.
  2. Everything is an argument with my 13 year old. If he doesn’t get his way he turns it into something larger, and I can see my 8 yr old jumping into that way of being. This is not going to be tolerated. Today was strongly indicative of that evolution. Back talk has consequences.
  3. Love is. Love will always be.