2.195. On the Oversexualization of Everything

McKayla Maroney Is Completely Unrecognizable Today” This is just one of a dozen headlines stapled to the bottom of every article I read on news sites. I found this particular one on nfl.com and accidentally clicked on it while trying to copy the link to this blog. The page led me pretty much where I expected. It wasn’t the popular aggregator zerg.net, which is responsible for a plethora of links regarding speculation around franchise films and video games. This is kiwiReport, new to me, and all about showing pics of young girls who grew up hot. I hate saying it, but I am thankful every day I was born a man. The level of scrutiny and sexualization placed on women–especially in our country–is so beyond sane that it feels impossible for women to keep up. I remember the hoopla when the Olsen twins, first featured as babies on Full House, turned 18. Suddenly every male in America was supposed to swell at their presence. It’s gotten worse over the years. Recently a 19 yr old girl auctioned off her virginity to the tune of 3.9 million dollars. In business terms, that only happens if the product meets a very high or very specific market set. 

What we’ve done to the idea of sex is completely ridiculous. We have turned American women into an icon of sexuality in a way that is far less about being desirable than it is about being available and satisfying. We built a hype machine that has women trapped into a cycle of objectivity with no possible means of separation.

I am not a fan.