By all accounts I should be asleep.

I have to be up by 4:50 in the morning and out the door thirty minutes after that. It would be easier if I didn’t also have to wrangle three children into the car and two still-to-be-filled garbage cans to the curb before that. This is what suburban life looks like for a single dad. This is also what a life sounds like when you’re wasting a good deal of it. I am moving incredibly slowly towards what is likely a few decades of solid writing and happiness. I’m coming into this extremely late, having basked in the joy of laziness and partnerships that did everything to keep me stagnant. I’m enjoying a partnership now that reminds me that I am better than stagnation. This is more than helpful, it is redefining.

I’ve rediscovered a bit of that attitude that reminds me that I can do anything, and I have the capacity to¬†be anything I want to be in this life. It just is going to require a lot of hard work.