2.244. Shower Notes

I do my best thinking in the shower.

I feel entirely at peace and at one with the universe as the water crashes over me and the heat and steam fill my body with a sense of calm. My mind is set drift to consider the universe and the possibilities of life and what life can and should be and of death and what I believe that to be. So, it should be normal that I blog immediately after I leave the shower.

And here we are.

I started thinking about today’s events and how it felt to be in a space and time and way of thinking that is totally separate from my day to day life. On a daily basis I exhibit such a high level of laziness that it is surprising that anything gets done at all. Today I pulled a 13 hour day from doorstep to doorstep. I was out the entire day and coaching and watching and enjoying (and growing sore) the entire day. I love football, so it didn’t feel like work. However, I love teaching too, so the work associated with that–the planning and structuring, the feedback, etc. Should be something I can suck it up and accomplish in much the same fashion–or at least time frame. It usually isn’t. I don’t work that hard every day, but on a day like today when I put in that much time, I actually feel energized. Likewise, when I go to the gym and put in the effort to be a healthier human, I actually feel energized. So, here is what it comes down to:

Hard work is actually very good for me. The more I fall into the labor of things, the better life goes for me. 

Here is the problem: I have a very tough time getting started and once I stop, it is hard to start again. I’m an old engine that purrs like a kitten on the highway yet cries like one on the through streets. Some revelation there.

Some Thoughts:

  1. Tough football losses all day. The 7on7 teams were knocked out of the tourney in the first round. Both teams fell. However, the White team already punched their ticket to the regional championship tourney. Blue has work to do.
  2. The flag team made it to the championship with several big come from behind wins. Only to lose in that fashion in the big game.