2.245. Oscar Day

I tend to make grand predictions about football, but the Oscars? I’m trash on picking winners. I’m the guy who always thinks DiCaprio should’ve had it–or in this case, Roger Deakins. His cinematography is breathtaking, noted, Oscar-worthy, and dissed. Blade Runner 2049 represents his 14th nomination. While I want him to win, I no longer see that as realistic. It would be the Cubs winning the Series. The Browns winning the Superbowl (FYI, based on past records over the last decade plus, the Browns have a 30% chance of winning a football game. The Patriots have a 40% chance of winning a Super Bowl. This means the Patriots have a better chance of winning the¬†big game than the Browns do of winning¬†a game).

I neglected to ‘do my research’ on the Oscars, but based on the Globes and what I’ve seen, there are some solid surprises about to unfold this evening. I for one am excited to see it all go down.

Some Thoughts:

  1. I hate bugs. It occurred to me that this season in my state is a near-perfect bug free time. It occurred because I spotted my first bug in a while and I was sufficiently grossed out and, well, a bit put off. I feel far less secure around the crawlies as they might consider crawling on me. That just cannot happen.