2.243. 12 hours

My mid kid has 12 hours of football coming up. He’s expected to play a game every hour (with lunch break!) from 8-8. 12 hours of football for the kid. Hope he’s in that kind of shape. Personally I think he will have a blast. I’ve been listening to the text, Born to Run and the part I am on focuses on the roll of joy in a player’s ability to excel and to push through. I feel this kid is there and by the end of the day his games will get stronger.

I’m in a space mentally where I feel a kinship with what the boy is going through. I feel like I’m pushing through a lot to get to where I need to be, and I feel a certain sense of joy in the effort.


Some Thoughts:

  1. Interesting point by Chadwick Boseman on the Daily Show yesterday. When questioned about whether or not he was worried if an African accent would turn people off, he referred to the prevalence of British accents and reminded us how used to accents we are and how much we enjoy them–but having it be black does somehow make it different.
  2. The Alexa network went down today. It was brief, but it was a reminder that stuff is fragile and interconnected, and hackable.
  3. I’m not ready to see Black Panther again yet, but I expect to see it again in a theatre. Take my money, please!