2.76: Waiver Wire

Last Sunday’s Giants game showed me that the G-men are a playoff team–so long as Odell is on the field. That game proved the value of the colorful receiver in many ways. It was also a week in which a lot of other teams’ futures were laid bare. This week will start to harden the cast.


CIN over HOU
The vaunted Houston D gave up far too much O and the O-line offered up their QB as a sacrifice. This bodes poorly for the Texans, who never fully got it going in week one and even at full tilt seem like they aren’t the team of two years ago.

BAL over CLE
I’m actually torn on this Cleveland is legit building something here and I believe they will get wins this season. The fact that they played the Steelers fairly tight means they have hope, but BAL has a stronger run game right now, with two 70+ yard rushers coming out of week one.

CAR over BUF
They gave up 12 to the Jets. Nuff said.

ARI over IND
This is ought to be a bounce back week for the Cardinals, but it is actually a trap game. They don’t have David Johnson for a few months, so they need to find a warhorse in the backfield.

TEN over JAX
KC over PHI
NO over NE
PIT over MIN
TB over CHI
LAC over MIA
OAK over NYJ
DEN over DAL
SEA over SF

GB over ATL
Another tough one. I question the GB running game, but the passing has looked solid and the ATL secondary looks a little flat.

NYG over DET
This is another trap game. If Eli gets Beckham then he has enough time for the protection to start to get confidence and allow those downfield plays. If not, he’s doomed.

Some Thoughts:

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I wake up in the morning gearing up for what I have to say in the blog. The routine is the same, but it comes with a sense of pride once again–I’m happy to be writing in this space.