2.88: The Physical

Coffee, Call, Write.

Some things just make sense. Others need more thinking through. Yesterday I was in a make sense situation that has developed into a bit of a think through. Here’s the situation:

I’ve been having a lot of back pain. This is not to the level it was when I threw out my back a few years ago, but the pain has been intense off and on for weeks. At the worst of it there were simple movements–twists–I just could not do without collapsing. ┬áMake no mistake, in this situation the smart move is to go to a doctor. I did not do the smart thing. Instead I walked around like this until the pain subsided. Mostly subsided.

My partner is a relentless and wonderful human being who cares about my health a great deal. I suppose she wants me around a bit longer or at least for the time I’m here to be as pain free as possible. She convinced me to go to a physical therapist. I did. Eventually. What he told me was riddled with surprises. I knew that my core was weak. My expanding girth is surely proof of such. I did not know about the uneven muscle weakness in my legs and glutes. I really did not know that my horrible back pain was actually a muscle pain unrelated to the previous back stuff I’d dealt with. So, I was enlightened by the experience.

The bill was an enlightening experience all by itself, which brings us to the thinking through. Now that I know exactly where the issues are, should I pay the $75 a week to work with the trainer or should I keep my finances stable and find ways to stretch and strengthen with the help of books and friends (and books are my friends too)? I believe I should not go back. The cost of this stuff is prohibitive. While it is true that my life is worth a certain cost, I don’t think not returning risks my life. I think I’ll focus on staying put and saving my cash.

I have three hungry boys after all.